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About Kate Stern


Kate and Time

 As a contemporary art curator living  in Los Angeles, Kate Stern conceptualizes and executes large-scale  public art exhibitions as well as museum and gallery shows. Raised within a family of writers and artists, creativity is housed in her genes. For the past fifteen years, Kate has been fully immersed in a myriad of facets within the contemporary art world. Through the strong relationships Kate has formed with prominent artists, museum directors, gallerists, city officials and arts councils, her projects lend a compelling balance of  sophistication and play.


Most recently Kate has added art consulting to her repertoire, helping clients build their personal collections, whether it be sculptures, paintings or mixed media. She especially delights in introducing  her clients to emerging artists they may not already be aware of and finding the perfect collector or institution for the artists she loves and champions.

In 2016, Kate put together an exhibition of David Buckingham’s cut and welded found metal wall sculptures featuring quotes from both movies and songs for the Laemmle film center in Santa Monica.

In  honor of Beverly Hills’s centennial, Stern curated ARTS OF PALM , their largest public art exhibition to date. Twelve large scale sculptures were installed throughout the city where they remained for one year.  Prior to that she curated another large-scale public art exhibition entitled Frostig at Large for the city of West Hollywood.

Stern is the curator of THE FROSTIG COLLECTION. The Frostig Collection, conceived by Celia and Chris Piazza,  launched an unprecedented concept – an ongoing collection of small sculptures made by renowned California artists to raise money specifically for a social skills programs aiding children with learning disabilities, Asperger’s, and high-functioning autism. In addition to cultivating, producing, and selling the expansive Frostig art collection, Stern managed The Frostig Collection’s gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California, working directly with the public in developing private art collections for collectors throughout the United States.

As a guest curator at the Museum of Art and History (MOAH) in Lancaster, CA Kate curated the FROSTIG AT LARGE, exhibition in the fall of 2013, pulling together the work of 24 celebrated California artists including; Ken Price, Ed Moses, Lita Albuquerque, Chris Burden, Nancy Rubins, Frank Gehry, Larry Bell and Gwynn Murrill, showcasing the Frostig Collection with additional large works by these celebrated artists and others.

Kate was also responsible for launching and curating five expansive and thematic SHOW&TELL exhibitions comprising 75 artists and social activists per show for the Zimmer Children’s Museum in Los Angeles from 2003 to 2009.

Through the many projects she’s executed and directed, and the ones she hopes to do in the future, Kate Stern continues to collaborate with a multitude of artists working in a broad range of mediums.