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Art Consulting

Working as a consultant to private collectors, real estate developers, cities, landscape designers and home builders, Kate has worked in numerous capacities obtaining art to beautify spaces. She has helped to build collections for both seasoned and first time buyers, placed temporary and permanent art in cities, staged art work in multi million dollars homes for sale, and worked personally with clients wanting to rearrange artwork in their homes.


Brentwood Residence, Brentwood, CAShana Mabari for The Brentwood Residence


Shana Mabari for The Brentwood Residence


Guy Dill for the Brentwood Residence


Kate staged 34 works of  art for The Amanda Project, a newly built house for sale in Studio City, California.

The Amanda House Project


Brad Howe &  Ned Evans  for The Amanda House Project


Michael Kalish & Chase Langford for The Amanda House Project


Mary Little & Ray Turner for The Amanda House Project


Blumenthal Residence, Sunset Plaza , Los Angeles, CA

Blumenthal Residence


Alex Cowenberg, Michele Tabori & Michael Kalish for the Blumenthal residence, Sunset Plaza, CA


Alex Cowenberg for the Blumenthal Residence


Brad Howe for the Blumenthal Residence


Working with the City of Beverly Hill’s Visitor’s Bureau to celebrate the Chinese New Year “Year of the Horse”, Kate placed Deborah Butterfield’s bronze horse, “Storm Castle”  at the entrance of Two Rodeo, one of  Beverly Hill’s most elite shopping areas.


Deborah Butterfield, “Storm Castle”, bronze, Beverly Hills, CA