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Kate Stern Curator


I will admit that I haven’t seen a website by other curators before, but I’ve always broken with tradition so this suits me to a T.  I hope it gives a good idea of not only what I’ve done and who I’ve worked with, but also a sense of who I am…what makes me tick.

I’m happy to have so many strong working relationships with artists I admire and to have had the opportunity to collaborate creatively with them.  I am interested not only in continuing these relationships with new projects but equally enthusiastic about building more relationships with Artists, Museums, Cities and Collectors. My mind is always creating.  I think big and I love to build upon those thoughts and see what happens. My favorite day of any project is installation day, where I get to see what I have imagined or what an artist has imagined, and now it lives outside my mind.

I have recently returned from what I dubbed MY BIG ADVENTURE where I spent five months and four days (144 days total) driving solo around America, traveling from museum to museum, sculpture park to sculpture park, animal sanctuary to animal sanctuary, antique store to antique store and Bed and Breakfast to Bed and Breakfast. It was an arts and life education in itself and the journey of a lifetime. As one friend said to me before I headed off; “You will meet yourself on this road”. And that I did.

When I am not busy with all things ART, I can most always be found smooching pooches and any other four legged creature I can bring myself into contact with. I volunteer with dog rescue in Los Angeles and am known around many circles as “KateSternPoochSmoocher“. A title I wear proudly!