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Curated by Kate Stern


MOAH (Museum of Art and History), Lancaster, CA

In the fall of 2013 Kate Stern curated a large exhibition for the Museum of Art and History (MOAH) in Lancaster, CA entitled FROSTIG AT LARGE, The Artists of the Frostig Collection.  The show, which was spread over two floors of the museum, consisted of all 24 works from the Frostig Collection itself, shown alongside large scale artworks by many of the renowned artists who make up the collection. The exhibit featured additional works by: Robert Graham, Charles Arnoldi, Ed Moses, Lita Albuquerque, Ray Turner, Kenton Nelson, Brad Howe, Michael C. McMillen, Larry Bell, Sarah Perry, Gwynn Murrill, Gary Baseman, David Buckingham, Michael Kalish and Guy Dill.


David Buckingham’s Pretty Boy outside of MOAH


 Upstairs Gallery View at MOAH*


Lita Albuquerque at MOAH*


Downstairs gallery view at MOAH *

Guy Dill at MOAH

Guy Dill at MOAH *

Upstairs Gallery at MOAH

Upstairs gallery at MOAH*


Brad Howe in front of his installation at MOAH *

Kate and Kenton

Kate Stern and Kenton Nelson alongside his painting at MOAH*

*All photos above by Eric Minh Swenson

Zimmer Children’s Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Beginning in 2003 and over the course of five years, Stern curated four large group exhibitions which included seventy five artists per show for the Zimmer Children’s Museum in Los Angeles. Objects such as musical instruments, telephones, clocks and cameras were turned into works of art by well-known and emerging artists. The exhibits, entitled Show&tell; the art of  connection, time, harmony & vision respectively also included works by social activists, tying in with the museum’s youTHink program which uses the power of  art to foster critical thinking, engage diverse learners, promote literacy and serve as a tool for social change. Artists included: Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Graham, Charles Arnoldi, David Hockney, George Hermes, Billy Al Bengston, Gary Baseman, Brad Howe, Raymond Pettibone, Ramona Otto, Alexis Rockman, Andy Moses, Michael Kalish, Daryl Pottorf and Alison Saar.

Stern also acted as creative director for the beautiful catalogs that accompanied each exhibit.



 Kumi Korf for show&tell; the art of harmony, 2007


Liz Marx for show&tell; the art of connection, 2004


Robert Graham for show&tell; the art of time, 2006

Charles Arnoldi

Charles Arnoldi for show&tell; the art of connection, 2004