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Ed Moses by Ray Turner

Curated by Kate Stern

Ray Turner, Ed Moses, 2012, Oil on glass

For the 2012 Frostig Collection, Ray Turner painted portraits in oil of nine of the renowned artists from the collection.Each 9 x 9″ portrait is painted on glass. The Frostig Collection raises money for children with learning disabilities, Asperbergers, and high-functioning autism and is curated by Kate Stern

Kate Ray Turner 9 shot

Ray Turner’s oil on glass portraits of 9 Frostig Collection artists from left to right:

Lita Albuquerque, Ed Moses, Charles Arnoldi, Robert Graham, Michael Kalish, Kenton Nelson, Ken Price, Ray Turner & Brad Howe



Kate Frostig Ray Turner


Kate Stern in front of 40 portraits from Ray Turner’s touring museum exhibition, Population, which was presented by the Frostig Collection at the Los Angeles Art Fair, January 2015

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